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Empowering Artists: Bringing Your Vision to Life

At IdealFactory, we're dedicated to providing artists with a powerful platform to unleash their creativity and share their art with the world. Our streamlined process ensures that your journey from concept to creation is seamless and fulfilling.

1. Design Your Vision Select your preferred product and dive into customisation. Add the essential details that make your creation unique: name, description, and the number of editions you want to produce. You also choose your own price that reflects your own value of your work.

[Image: Artist selecting product and customising details]

2. Unleash Your Imagination Step into our cutting-edge IdealFactory 3D designer. Here, your vision comes to life. Design and refine every angle of your product, immersing yourself in a virtual space that captures your artistic essence.

[Image: Artist using the 3D designer to craft their creation]

3. Preserve Your Artistry Once satisfied with your design, save it to automatically generate 3D and AR files, alongside all production-ready assets. With every order, your creation is made on demand, ensuring that each piece is a true representation of your artistic intent.

[Image: Files being saved and organised for production]

4. Share Your Craft with the World Your masterpiece is now ready to shine. We'll publish your creation on the IdealFactory marketplace, allowing art enthusiasts to discover, admire, and acquire your unique piece. Join a community that values craftsmanship, creativity, and the stories behind each creation.

[Image: Product showcased on the IdealFactory marketplace]

IdealFactory is committed to championing your artistic journey. Let your imagination run wild and watch as your creations inspire and captivate a global audience. Join us today and be part of a creative revolution.